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Queen Butterfly photograph by Craig Chaddock, Mission Trails Regional Park


If you want to be in the know about what’s going on at San Diego Audubon, you’ve come to the right place! Be sure to check back regularly to get the latest on events, new volunteer opportunities and more. 

Thanks to funding from the San Diego River Conservancy, the Silverwood Wildlife Sanctuary Wildfire Resilience project will, over the next two years, allow us to perform critical fire clearance measures, hire a part-time Sanctuary Education Coordinator, and install a new welcome kiosk!

The De Anza Natural Plan for the ReWild area was unanimously approved by the City at yesterday’s Council meeting. It commits to 226 total acres of wetlands, including existing marsh, and it outlines the need for transitional infrastructure that prepares for marsh migration.

We have been privileged to receive a visit from Amarkhuu Gungaa, Executive Director and Ornithologist at the Mongolian Bird Conservation Center NGO, for the last few weeks!

San Diego Audubon joined community leaders, labor leaders, and environmental advocates during a press conference regarding the pollution in the Tijuana River. Our own Karina Ornelas spoke about her experience and why San Diego Audubon supports efforts to improve this area.

The coastline in southern California is getting friendlier for marsh birds thanks to the collaboration between local Audubon chapters, their coalition partners, and Audubon California.

Spring migration is here! Find out which birds to look out for and how to identify them.

Home gardeners play a critical role in the survival of the Western Monarch! Here are four things you can do.

Nature enthusiasts gathered at the picturesque La Jolla tide pools for a fun-filled backyard bird watching event highlighting “Lights Out, San Diego!” and other small conservation actions the community can take that make a big impact for wildlife.

King tides are returning to San Diego this week. To learn more about this phenomenon and long-term effect it will have, we will be documenting and reporting the king tides and how they affect the coast, including the Kendall-Frost Marsh in Mission Bay.

Thank you to Heather Henter for your support at Mission Bay!

Here are a few ways to keep your Halloween decorations festive, but also safer for our feathered friends.

Watching how curious the young hawk was about the world while learning and watching its parents hunt, to observing the parents play and cool down in the bird bath, it was a very exciting experience we will never forget.

Our board of directors voted unanimously on August 14, 2023 to discontinue the use of the Audubon name.

This grant will provide to endangered species locally here in Mission Bay, as well as similar critical habitat in Baja California.

Stormy conditions wreak havoc on bird habitats, but birds manage to survive these dangerous conditions. How do they do it, and how can birders help keep birds safe?

We've hit the ground running with our newest campaign - Lights Out, San Diego!

We celebrated our 4th year of Latino Conservation Week and held three great events to celebrate the Latinx community.

Supporting the restoration of vital habitats that act as refuges for birds and simultaneously trap carbon, such as wetlands, can help mitigate climate change and extreme heat.

The Salton Sea as a crucial part of our region’s environment, but it needs help!

We are honored to have partnered with the The New Children's Museum, San Diego Gas & Electric, Barona Indian Charter School, and Barona Cultural Center and Museum to create a beautiful garden that provides a deeper knowledge of and gratitude for the Kumeyaay people — the first humans who lived here.

Learn more about the garden and what it's doing for our city in the KPBS article linked below!

The U.S. Supreme Court voted Thursday to impede the ability of the federal government to protect ecosystems and landscapes critical to the health of bird populations and communities across the nation, opening the door to under-regulated and environmentally harmful development projects.

"We can find more joy by savoring the birds we see and the songs we hear. One recent preliminary study found that birdwatchers who paid attention to the joy they felt for each bird reported greater mental health benefits than those who merely counted the birds they saw."

Recent research shows what we've already known! The Washington Post reported on the findings of two peer-reviewed studies published last year, which found that seeing and hearing birds supports our mental well-being. Click the blog title to read the whole article.

So get out there, and watch and listen to birds to feel better :)

San Diego Audubon volunteers participated in the City Nature Challenge, recording 226 species!

San Diego Audubon Society and San Diego Gas & Electric have worked together for over a decade to restore the California Least Tern nesting habitat in Mission Bay. We appreciate the help of SDG&E employees and their families who have dedicated over 2,200 hours to this cause!

They're back! The Keller Barn Owls, Pop Pop Prince and Mama Gufo (“owl” in Italian) are nesting again, and we get to see what's going on in the nursery. Check back often, as the story changes every day. At the beginning of the season, the parents will dote on one another, preening each other's feathers and being cozy. Then come the eggs, and a little while later, the hungry owlets. Watch them grow. Because this is a livestream, there may be times the owls are not home, being less than glamorous, or doing something you find confusing. We hope you enjoy this window into the daily life of Barn Owls, and learn about their lives by experiencing it firsthand!

Nick Segovia, a USD student, wrote a blog documenting his experience and accomplishments during an internship with San Diego Audubon Society

Voluntarios celebrar La Semana de la Conservación Latina en Kendall-Frost Marsh con la pesca de cerco dirigida por la Dr.Melissa Liotta.

San Diego Audubon hosted two events in celebration of Latino Conservation Week, this time back in person!

Update on the CA Brown Pelican mortality events along the CA coastline.

Large numbers of sick and dying Brown Pelicans have been observed along the CA Coast.

A tribute to Roy Little, founder of Friends of Mission Bay Marshes and a staunch ally for the Kendall-Frost Marsh.

San Diego Audubon volunteers participated in the City Nature Challenge, recording almost 100 species in South Bay!

With support from San Diego Audubon supporters, the Otay Valley Regional Park's Citizen's Advisory Committee voted to approve two proclamations that support birds, wildlife, and the ability of all communities to enjoy the outdoors.

Love Your Wetlands Day 2022: a huge success!

City Councilmembers will focus on these issues over the course of the year.

The grant will help fund restoration and protection of coastal habitat at the San Diego Rivermouth and the Kendall-Frost Marsh.

The process to rewild Mission Bay's wetlands continues - but we need your help!

Audubon Advocates spread the word about the importance of using native milkweed instead of tropical milkweed in supporting declining Monarch populations.

Audubon Advocates sum up their work to protect eelgrass, an important marine habitat.

Are you looking for ideas of holiday gifts that will delight the bird nerds in your midst?  Here are some great ideas that will impress your loved ones and give something back to the birds.

San Diego City College Audubon Club hosts a celebration of Dia de los Muertos at Otay Valley Regional Park.

San Diego Audubon teams up with our friends with Tree Care for Birds to help co-host a professional training event for local arborists.

San Diego Audubon and our partners have received a round of funding from the Honda Marine Sciences Foundation which will allow us to elevate indigenous perspectives into the ReWild Mission Bay planning process.

San Diego Audubon advocates help achieve major win for forage fish and seabirds.

San Diego Audubon celebrates Latino Conservation Week by birding on bike!

Members of the San Diego City College Audubon Club continued to make a difference for wildlife and nature, despite the many challenges of the pandemic.

Learn about Black Birders Week, a nationwide celebration of BIPOC birders. May 30-June 5, 2021

San Diego Audubon Birdathon 2021: the results are in!


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