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Ways to Give

Remembrance Bench

The Remembrance Bench Program provides an opportunity for individuals to memorialize or honor a loved one.  At Silverwood Wildlife Sanctuary, we offer this opportunity in the stunning observation area that attracts an abundance of birds and small mammals, which can be viewed from the shaded comfort of our benches. 

Benches may be endowed starting from $1500. In recognition of contributions to the fund, San Diego Audubon will install a personalized plaque on a bench of the donor’s choosing. We invite donors to visit Silverwood and view the surroundings of the observation area.

The Remembrance Bench Plaque donations are tax-deductible and will be used for the maintenance of the benches, and care for the landscaping of Silverwood Wildlife Sanctuary.

Remembrance Bench Program Description + Guidelines


The requested donations for a Remembrance Bench plaque are priced according to the term of a commemorative plaque. 

  •  5 years    -  $1500
  • 10 years   -   $3000
  • 15 years   -   $4500
  • 20 years   -   $6000

Plaque donations are tax-deductible and San Diego Audubon will send a formal gift acknowledgement letter for the donation for tax purposes.

The donation must be received, along with the signed agreement, before the plaque can be made.

After the term expires, the donor will be contacted to either renew the plaque contract or have the plaque removed and returned.


  • The Remembrance Bench Program can only install plaques in the designated observation area of Silverwood Wildlife Sanctuary under the jurisdiction of San Diego Audubon.
  • San Diego Audubon retains the right to relocate a bench with a plaque at any time after installation. If a bench needs to be relocated, San Diego Audubon will contact the donor to discuss alternative locations; San Diego Audubon will make the final determination on all benches' locations.
  • Commemorative benches will experience normal wear and tear and will be addressed by San Diego Audubon as necessary.


  • Plaques will be installed within 60 days of payment and signed agreement. If the plaque is not installed within 60 days, donors have the option to cancel the order and receive a full refund.
  • This donation does not entitle the donor to the ownership of the bench - all benches are the property of San Diego Audubon and will be maintained at no additional cost to the donor.
  • The term of a commemorative plaque is according to the term selected from the date of installation. After the term expires, the donor will be contacted to either renew the plaque contract or have the plaque removed and returned.
  • It is the donor’s responsibility to notify San Diego Audubon with any change of contact information.

Plaque Design

  • A standard 4”X 6” plaque used for commemorative messages is generally placed on the backrest of the bench.
  • Bench plaques are limited to five lines of text and 25 characters per line including spaces and punctuation. All text must be approved by San Diego Audubon.
  • Only one plaque will be placed on one bench.

If you would like to learn more about the Remembrance Bench Program or take a tour of Silverwood, please contact our Director of Philanthropy Esther Tsai at



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