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There’s always something going on at San Diego Audubon! Check out our events calendar below, as well as our most recent blog posts in the Newsroom.

The coastline in southern California is getting friendlier for marsh birds thanks to the collaboration between local Audubon chapters, their coalition partners, and Audubon California.

Spring migration is here! Find out which birds to look out for and how to identify them.

Home gardeners play a critical role in the survival of the Western Monarch! Here are four things you can do.

Nature enthusiasts gathered at the picturesque La Jolla tide pools for a fun-filled backyard bird watching event highlighting “Lights Out, San Diego!” and other small conservation actions the community can take that make a big impact for wildlife.

King tides are returning to San Diego this week. To learn more about this phenomenon and long-term effect it will have, we will be documenting and reporting the king tides and how they affect the coast, including the Kendall-Frost Marsh in Mission Bay.

Thank you to Heather Henter for your support at Mission Bay!

Here are a few ways to keep your Halloween decorations festive, but also safer for our feathered friends.


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