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San Diego Audubon speaker presentations are designed for civic and community service groups, garden clubs, and other volunteer organizations. The presentations are focused on engaging regional and world conservation issues, as well as ongoing challenges to local wildlife and habitats. These 30- to 60-minute presentations are ideal for weekly luncheon meetings or monthly evening meetings. They include images, sounds, and audience interaction and participation. All equipment needed to facilitate these events will be provided by San Diego Audubon. There is no fee, although donations are always appreciated and group size must be 20 adults or more.

If your organization is interested in scheduling a speaker, please contact us at (858) 273-7800, or emailĀ Mike Matherly.

  • Attracting Backyard Birds
    Attracting Backyard Birds

    The do's and don'ts of attracting nearly 50 species of San Diego birds to your private paradise. Topics include feeder placement, types of feeders and food designed to draw particular birds at a given season. Which seed will draw the most melodius songbird? The most colorful? What are the advantages and disadvantages of different bird foods? Tips on how to lure rare species, the role of treats and the allure of special plants will highlight the presentation. There will also be advice on how to make your yard a safe environment for birds, including the cleaning of feeders and dangers posed by common bird food pests, your picture windows, and family pets (gulp!). Strategies will be shared on how to setup and run your bird bath so that birds that would not otherwise come to your home, do so. Most of all, the presentation relies on audience participation for what worked and what didn't in trying to bring the song and color of the Animal Kingdom a little closer.

  • Nature's Ambassadors: The Birds of the San Diego Garden
    Nature's Ambassadors: The Birds of the San Diego Garden

    This fast-paced program illustrates the most common birds in a typical Southern California garden and how to keep them there to add song, color, and animation to your flowered slice of heaven. Audiences will learn their names and how to identify them. Some of the best bird photography in Southern California is the highlight of the show, along with natural history explanations of why each bird is special and why it was drawn to your home. Like an old friend, who is the most faithful bird to visit your garden each day of its life? Which birds only visit seasonally, from as far away as the Arctic and Central America? Who's the most fearless, at the top of the pecking order? Which relentless hunter uses your greenery to maximize stealth and chances for an easy meal? It is an informative and entertaining glimpse at a world we often can't see because of the trees (and flowers and shrubs and ...).


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