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Ternwatchers is our volunteer predator-monitoring program at the CA Least Tern nesting sites in Mission Bay. These dedicated community scientists undergo a one-evening training session at the SDAS office, after which they conduct 2 – 4 hour monitoring shifts (according to their own schedule) to monitor the nesting sites for predators in an active effort to give Least Terns the best rates of survivability possible. Ternwatcher training sessions are held from mid-April through late May and the program concludes at the end of September, covering the entire duration of the nesting season. Volunteer commitments are flexible. 

Unfortunately, the 2020 TernWatcher program is unlikely to proceed as normally scheduled, but we are still encouraging community members that live in the Mission Bay area to keep an eye out for any Least Terns, and to report them to us via email or by creating an entry on Ebird. Contact Restoration Program Manager Megan Flaherty at or (858) 273-7800 x 106 for more information about reporting a potential CA Least Tern sighting in Mission Bay.


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