Anstine-Audubon Nature Preserve

bird house hanging high in a tree with blue sky and white clouds

2437 Hutchison Street
Vista, CA 92084


Rebekah Angona, Director of Education


About Anstine

The Anstine-Audubon Nature Preserve is an eleven-acre site located within the County of San Diego adjacent to the cities of Vista and Oceanside. It is managed as an open space area by the San Diego Audubon Society in the same manner as its much larger and wilder preserve, the Silverwood Wildlife Sanctuary situated east of Lakeside.

The property was previously owned and occupied by John and Lois Anstine (pronounced an-steen) from the late 1940's to the late 1990's. During this time they added to the house and built other structures, manipulated the creek and created a pond, and planted and maintained flower beds and a small fruit orchard. In the mid-1990's, Mr. Anstine asked San Diego Audubon to manage and maintain the property as open space, and they agreed. Mrs. Anstine passed away in 1988 and Mr. Anstine passed in 1999.

Three native plant communities occur within the boundaries of the Anstine Preserve - Coastal Sage Scrub, Southern Willow Riparian Forest, and Coast Live Oak Woodland. Non-native and disturbed conditions are also present as a result of habitat removal, construction, and other human activities on and off site. Since 1999, nearly one-hundred species of plants, eight species mammals and six reptiles, and more than one-hundred species of birds, have been recorded on the site.

Anstine Trail Guide

Click HERE to get the current Anstine Trail Guide.

Anstine Plant Guide

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Build-your-own Solar Birdbath Instructions

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Anstine Committee

The San Diego Audubon Society 's Anstine Committee is looking for motivated individuals to help us meet our goals for the future. January 2011 began a yearlong study of the Anstine ecosystem. We are preparing for a partial pond restoration. We are developing plans for our long-term goal of becoming an educational resource to the local community. We always need assistance with activities related to habitat restoration and maintenance. If you are interested in participating, please contact Rebekah Angona at 760-295-8379 or

Anstine Hosts

Prefer to volunteer in North County? Enjoy the beauty and birds of our Anstine Audubon Nature Preserve in Vista as you welcome guests on Saturdays from 9am to 12pm (closed July through September). No experience or birding abilities necessary. Volunteer hosts are needed on occasion or on a monthly rotation. Please contact Rebekah Angona at 760-295-8379 or

Demonstration Gardens

We are seeking motivated and energetic individuals to help design, construct, and maintain two planned demonstration gardens at the Anstine-Audubon Nature Preserve. One is planned for the bed beside the old garage and the other in the area between the driveway and the caretaker's residence.

Visitor Information

All San Diego Audubon members and friends are invited to come and visit the Anstine-Audubon Nature Preserve on Saturdays between 9am and 12pm (closed July through September).We are accepting donations of new or used garden tools such as round-tipped shovels, flexible and stiff rakes, branch loppers, and brooms.

Directions to Anstine-Audubon Nature Preserve

From the I-15 freeway exit at Gopher Canyon Road and head west. Go left on East Vista Way, then right on Osborne Street and make anouther right on Hutchinson.  Anstine is on the right.

From the I-5 freeway, take Hwy 76, and head east. Go right on East Vista Way, then right on Hutchinson. Follow Hutchinson around the curve, and the preserve is on the left after the wooden fence.

Bird Species Recently Recorded

  • Turkey vulture
  • Western scrub-jay
  • Spotted towhee
  • Red-tailed hawk
  • Black phoebe
  • California towhee
  • California quail
  • American crow
  • Song sparrow
  • Mourning dove
  • Bushtit Black-headed grosbeak
  • Anna's hummingbird
  • Bewick's wren
  • Red-winged blackbird
  • Nuttall's woodpecker
  • Wrentit
  • Brown-headed cowbird
  • Northern flicker
  • Northern mockingbird
  • House finch
  • Pacific-slp flycatcher
  • Common yellowthroat
  • Lesser goldfinch
  • Green heron Downy woodpecker
  • Common raven
  • Western bluebird
  • California thrasher
  • Bullock's oriole

Contact Info

4010 Morena Blvd
Suite #100
San Diego, CA 92117
(858) 273-7800

Office Hours

Our office is staffed by volunteer receptionists. Please call (858) 273-7800 before planning your visit to ensure someone will be there to assist you.