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San Diego County has a great many natural zones within it, eleven in all. This diversity accounts for (among other things) the county having recorded more bird species than any other county, and unfortunately also more endangered ones. This means that a strong effort to safeguard the natural wealth of these various regional ecosystems is imperative.

San Diego Audubon is committed to be being a major participant in this effort, and is proud to be able to host two nature sanctuaries, a rare distinction among Audubon chapters. The two sanctuaries differ in size, natural habitats, and primary functions.

Our 785 acre Silverwood Wildlife Sanctuary is dedicated to the preservation of an exceptionally diverse assemblage of chaparral and streamside riparian flora and fauna. Except for a small developed area near the entrance, it is managed essentially as a wilderness preserve. Its extensive trail system provides ample opportunity for exploration and the enjoyment of nature.

The second is our 11 acre Anstine Audubon Nature Preserve, located near the North County Community of Vista. The natural habitat in this area is Coastal Sage Scrub, but the Anstine preserve also has many trees and even a small wetland area. It serves as an excellent nature educational facility for the larger suburban population in this part of the county.


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