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Birding Outings: Tecolote Canyon with Anitra Kaye

Saturday, September 23, 2023
8:00 am11:00 am

Leaders: Anitra Kaye, Martha Wild, and Jack Friery and others

Tecolote Canyon is one of several protected urban canyons in the San Diego area that support native plant communities and associated bird life. Birds that are here for the entire year include hawks, Anna’s Hummingbird, California Thrasher, House Wren, Wrentit, and both California and Spotted Towhees. You can never tell what you may see. Easy walking. Restrooms at the trailhead. Capped at 15 participants.

Directions: Exit I-5 at Tecolote Rd. Go east, away from the freeway, to the parking lot at the end of Tecolote R. Meet by the Tecolote Nature Center.

For accessibility info, please go to the Birdability website.

Registration required.


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