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Bird Photography Day at San Diego Bird Festival

Sunday, February 13, 2022
Online event, website details available soon

An entire day of online programs about Bird and Wildlife Photography, made possible by Hunt's Photo and Video

9am PST: Jaymi Heimbuch
Title: Wildlife Conservation Photography: How to create meaningful impact with your
Description: If you love nature photography and have been looking for a way to make a
meaningful contribution to protecting nature in your community and beyond, conservation
photography is a fit for you. Learn about what conservation photography is, and how you can
get started in this fulfilling niche of nature photography.
Bio: Jaymi Heimbuch is a wildlife conservation photographer and freelance photo editor. She is
the founder of Wild Idea Lab and Conservation Visual Storytellers Academy, and is the host of
Impact: The Conservation Photography Podcast. Her current photography project, Watershed
Sentinels, focuses on ecosystem interconnectedness and the health of watersheds along
Oregon's coastline. Her photography and writing has appeared in outlets such as Audubon,
National Wildlife Magazine, BBC Wildlife, bioGraphic, and National Geographic. Jaymi is a
National Geographic grantee, partner photographer with the nonprofit Girls Who Click, and
cofounder of Her Wild Vision Initiative, a directory that amplifies job opportunities for diverse
women working in the field of conservation visual storytelling.

11am PST: Tyler Ficker
Title: Beginning Gear and Equipment for Bird Photography
Description: "The world of bird photography is exciting and full of opportunities. However, many
people can be overwhelmed by all of the terminology, technical aspects, and field application
that comes with it.
This presentation will cover topics including camera gear, settings, terminology, understanding
exposures, and actions in the field to help you make your bird photos the best they can be! You
can couple this with the following week’s presentation on bird photo editing as well!”
Tyler found his passion for birding when his 4th grade teacher incorporated bird identification into the science
curriculum. Tyler completed his undergraduate degree in the School of Environmental and Natural Resources
at The Ohio State University. He was president of The Ornithology Club at Ohio State for two years. Tyler is a
founding member of Lights Out Buckeyes—part of Ohio Lights Out, a network of programs aimed at making
urban landscapes (in this case, the Ohio State campus) safer for migratory birds. He is an award-winning
presenter at environmental, wildlife, and birding conferences. He also worked as a field technician for the Ohio
Division of Wildlife surveying grassland species.
Tyler is a professional photographer and tour guide for Sabrewing Nature Tours, so he is likely behind his
camera when not looking through his binoculars. He loves birding his home state of Ohio, especially during
migration season, but is experienced in birding areas from Alaska to the tropics.

1pm PST: Josh Hauge
Title: How to use light to your full advantage in wildlife photography.
Description: An in-depth discussion about understanding how to use various types of lighting
situations to your full advantage while photographing wildlife. The talk will particularly focus on
how to plan for multiple lighting situations in advance, how to be mindful in the field, how light
changes affect the resulting images, and how to take more compelling photos thorough a
better understanding of light!
Bio: I’m a 17-year-old bird and wildlife photographer based in Olney, MD. I have always loved
wildlife and nature but started to become more focused on birds when I was about 9 years old,
thanks to a natural history class at my school. About a year and a half ago I started to become
increasingly interested in photography, and soon found myself captivated by the world of birds
around me and it motivated me to capture compelling shots of these amazing animals. Growing
up in Maryland has provided me with a lot of opportunities to see some amazing birds and
wildlife in local lakes, marshes, or forests. It has been awesome to track various species down
and learn more about their behavior in the pursuit of photography. Overall, bird and wildlife
photography has become one of my biggest passions and taking photos of nature through
ethical means is so rewarding. I find myself constantly growing as I learn more about my
subjects and as I strive to capture moments creatively. Whether I am out on an early morning
hike in search for local birds, evading getting my camera completely wet when a wave crashes
on me at the beach or laying in some freezing ice water to photograph winter ducks, it is the
awesome and surreal moments you experience in nature that make the persistence and
patience totally worth it!

3pm PST: Judy Malloch
Title: The Magic Of Bird Photography
Description: Ten things to consider when photographing birds to get the images you would like
to have and that you call keepers!!
"Judy Lynn Malloch has an avid passion for nature photography. Her intensity for wildlife photography
began in Southern Florida where she resides but has now expanded to locations throughout the world.
Since beginning photography in 2005 adventures have taken her all over the world including Canada, the
US and the Caribbean as well as Africa and Central and South America. Her extensive trips have provided
many fascinating experiences to sharpen her wildlife shooting skills with birds, animals, reptiles, insects
and amphibians. However, her passion has primarily developed into bird photography but certainly she
has not lost her love for other forms of wildlife photography.
Judy Lynn was born in Canada but has been a proud American citizen for 35 years. She is also an
accomplished painter, exhibiting in both oil and watercolors. Over the years, her developing
photography skill has been recognized and has earned many awards from organizations such as National
Wildlife Federation, NANPA, Natures Best, National Audubon Society, Share The View and National
Geographic to name a few. She posts her images regularly on Facebook, 500px, Flicker and Instagram.
Eight yeas ago Judy Lynn along with her husband Gary, began a photography tour business called
Natures Tapestry Photo Adventure Photo Tours. Currently they conduct five workshop tours each year;
two to Costa Rica and one each to Namibia, Africa, Ecuador and the Pantanal in Brazil."

5pm PST: Martin Culpepper
Title: Owl Photography
Owls are one of the most mysterious and sought after subjects for both birders and wildlife
photographers alike. Their often nocturnal and secretive nature makes them harder to locate
and photograph than almost any other group of avian subjects. This program will be focused on
how you can effectively and ethically photograph these wonderful animals and produce highquality photographs of them, along with how to find some specific species to get you started.
My name is Martin Culpepper. I’m an 18 year old photographer based in northern
Massachusetts who specializes in wildlife.

7pm PST: Daphne Hatch
Title: Limitations as Highschooler to Photograph in a Covid World
Description: Daphne is a nature photographer who, like many other young photographers, was
unfortunately unlicensed during the pandemic. Since then she has discovered everywhere within
walking distance of her own town in Northern California. This session will cover ways you can do the
same through local organizations and places in your area!
Bio: Hi! I’m a 17-year old wildlife and nature photographer from Northern California. I’m going into my
senior year of high school. From a very young age I’ve been fascinated by nature and space, and I’m
planning on pursuing astronomy as a major in college along with continuing my nature photography. My
gallery can be found on Instagram @infinitehorizons.pix


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