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Poo-Poo Project: Protecting Cavity Nesters

Tuesday, January 25, 2022
7:00 pm8:00 pm

In 2019, Sea and Sage joined with other Southern California chapters to support the Poo Poo Project to protect local cavity nesting birds from uncovered pipes in our national forests. We are excited to now have the opportunity to learn more about the project from its creator, the Teton Raptor Ce nter (TRC). The PooPoo project was started in 2010 with a focus around the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. The project is currently in all 50 states, and several places in Canada and the US Virgin Islands. A TRC staff member will introduce the Poo Project, discuss its importance, and provide us ways we can help all cavity nesters. Please join us.Poo We will be joined by one of the TRC’s avian ambassadors, which you won’t want to miss!


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