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Partner Webinar: Enriching your Birding Experiences with Smartphone Technology

Wednesday, October 20, 2021
7:00 pm8:00 pm
Zoom meeting: RSVP to Bob Crowell at

Observing wildlife can be magical. For many of us, the memories are woven in time or place and puctuated by a special person who guided or shared the experience. But there is also a personal, Sherlock-Holmesian thrill to both the mystery adn the chase. And in that quest, birders want the best tools. Enter the smart phone, smarter apps and the information explosion.
October's speaker is our guide to using these tools and resources selectively and effectively. A variety of apps are available. You can improve your skills, target specific species, observe more birds, and generally get more enjoyment out of your birding experience.
Gautam Apte comes to us via Zoom from the state of Ohio, where he began birding at a young age. He is currently a student at Ohio State University in Columbus, where he is VP of the Conservation for the Ornithology Club. He also serves as an eBird reviewer for several counties in Ohio. Grab your phone, put on your thinking cap, and join us on Zoom.


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