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Alert: Brown Pelican Illness and Mortality Along the Southern CA Coastline

Over the last few weeks, hundreds of Brown Pelicans have been found sick and dying throughout Southern and Central CA. It is believed that the deaths have been starvation-related. Pelicans feed on small fish like anchovy and sardine.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and CDFW have issued a joint press release about the brown pelican mortality event - see here.

Dead pelicans should be reported here: Photos are helpful, and be sure not to touch or attempt to feed any birds.

If you see a sick of injured pelican or seabird in San Diego County, contact the SeaWorld San Diego Rescue team at 1-800-541-7325 or

Members of the public should also be aware of an ongoing outbreak of avian influenza in the United States. While there have been no reports in California, it is essential that care is taken to reduce the likelihood of spread. An up-to-date map of observed cases can be found here: If you work regularly with domesticated birds, avoid bringing potentially contaminated clothing, shoes or gear into wildlife areas.


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