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Volunteer with a Committee

Volunteer with a Committee

San Diego Audubon has several active committees accomplishing great things at San Diego Audubon, from the annual Bird Festival to the production of Sketches magazine and the management of our wildlife preserves. Check out the committees below, and let us know if you're interested in joining one of these teams. 

Conservation Committee
The San Diego Audubon Conservation Committee is an active group of volunteers who are involved in taking action on many local, state, or federal issues that affect our wildlife communities including wind energy, wetland protection, climate change, water/wastewater/stormwater issues, urban habitat protection, and environmentally appropriate transportation and development. Committee members write comment letters on environmental documents, speak at City Council hearings, provide advice and/or support on policy issues, and more. This group meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month from 6:30-8:30pm at the SDAS offices. The meetings are open to the public and are a great way to gain valuable insight into bigger-picture issues impacting our region. To join the Conservation Committee, interested volunteers must attend at least three of the prior six meetings, after which they can petition the committee for membership. To be voted in, an individual needs a simple majority vote by the committee. Full voting privileges begin at the first meeting following the committee vote. Interested? Contact Andrew Meyer, Director of Conservation, at or (858) 273-7800 x101. 

Silverwood Wildlife Sanctuary Committee
The Silverwood Committee has many active members who are involved in supporting the programs, interpretive signs, docents, restoration, and inter-workings of this 785 acre sanctuary in Lakeside. This committee is not currently recruiting new members, but Silverwood always accepts volunteers to help with restoration, events, or one-time projects. To find out more about Silverwood, go here.

Anstine-Audubon Nature Preserve Committee
The Anstine Committee is actively involved in the caretaking and programs of the 11 acre Anstine-Audubon Nature Preserve in Vista. This beautiful property has impressive, family-friendly trails, education opportunities, and ongoing restoration that requires volunteer engagement. This committee is not currently recruiting new members, but Anstine always accepts volunteers to help host, plan events, assist with on-site restoration, or one-time projects. To find out more about Anstine, go here.

Outreach Committee
San Diego Audubon has a growing Outreach Committee. This committee helps to identify, organize, and attend events around San Diego county, helping promote the conservation of birds, other wildlife, and their habitats through engaging new audiences and communities, and making the outdoors accessible to all. Interested? Contact Jen Hajj at or (858) 273-7800 x108.

Communications Committee
The Communications Committee contributes to the production of Sketches, social media pages, website content, photography and more. The Communications Committee is looking for volunteers with experience in graphic design, event and nature photography, website editing, advertising, writing, editing, and more. Interested? Contact Travis Kemnitz, Executive Director, at or (858) 273-7800 x102. 

Field Trip Committee
San Diego Audubon offers nearly 50 birding field trips each year. These field trips are dedicated to the goal of introducing new, visiting, and experienced birders to the varied habitats and avian inhabitants of San Diego County. The Field Trip Committee is looking for enthusiastic help. Interested in volunteering? Contact Jen Hajj at or (858) 273 7800 x108.

Bird Festival Committee
San Diego Audubon’s Bird Festival is an internationally renowned event, typically held the first weekend of March to provide festival-goers with the largest diversity of bird life to be found all year. The festival offers classes, workshops, birding trips, and more, and the planning process is year-round. If you are interested in contributing to this fun, annual event, consider joining the Bird Festival Committee. To find out more about Bird Festival, go here. Interested in volunteering? Contact Jen Hajj at or (858) 273 7800 x108.

Fund Development
The Fund Development Committee has the responsibility of planning the overall fund raising efforts of the chapter in order to meet the financial goals established in the budget, or for any special circumstances. A few of our major fundraising campaigns include our Birdathon, Friends Memberships, and Fall Fund Appeal. If you have experience in fund raising, grant writing, membership, or advertising, you may be a great addition to this influential committee. Interested? Contact Travis Kemnitz, Executive Director, at or (858) 273-7800 x102. 


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