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Count Birds and Support our Mission!


Spring is here and the birds are out in full force. This is a critical time for San Diego Audubon to protect birds and their habitats. Please join us to support our work to protect local birds and other wildlife by participating in our 42nd annual Birdathon fundraiser.

We need your help! Here is how you can help:

    1. Support a team. Scroll down to view our participating teams.
    2. Donate directly to our organization

The 2022 Birdathon was a HUGE success! We raised $21,995 with the support of eight amazing teams and hundreds of their friends and family members. This year, our goal is to raise $25,000 with ten participating teams.

The Birdathon gives us the opportunity to collectively celebrate and protect the birds and wildlife that we love. Compete to record the most species and raise the most money, and share texts, emails and photos throughout your day. Reach out to your friends, families and neighbors to get them into the game, and ask them to sponsor you (e.g. $1 per species counted). Any donation is welcome - it's up to them, and the birding is up to you. The deadline for donations to count towards a team's total is May 20th.


Teams of birders will compete to record the most species and raise the most money within a 24-hour period of their choosing during the month of April, all to support our work to protect local birds, other wildlife and their habitat. Team members can donate individually and/or rally their friends and family to support. 


The event is open to any team of birders (2 or more), of all levels of experience. And anyone can donate to support a team or the organization generally during this time. 


Anywhere you decide! Bird your favorite spot or all over San Diego County.


Any 24-hour period during the month of April. Report these back to your team lead, or to


Sign up for the Birdathon so we know that you are in! Then download your pledge form and bird checklist. Your friends and family can also donate online by clicking the button below. You can also email to register your team, or if you have any questions on registration.


Meet the Teams!

Who are the teams in this year's Birdathon? 

You can support any of these teams that are currently competing. Or, you can start your own team

Resources to Support Your Birding Day

Past Birdathon Results

2022 Birdathon

The results are in:

  • Most Species Counted by Team: Elder Birds, with 152 species
    • Followed by the Wandering Totalers with 136 species, and the U-terns with 134 species.
  • Most Funds Raised by a Team: Silent Siskins, with $5,338 raised
    • Followed by the Elder Birds with $3,275, and the Wandering Totalers with $2,799.

Thank you to everyone that participated in the 2022 Birdathon!

2021 Birdathon


  • Most Species Counted by Team: Wandering Totalers with 141 species
    • Followed closely by the U-terns with 134 species, and the Silent Siskins with 111 species.
  • Most Fund raised by a Team: Silent Siskins with $5,519 raised
    • Followed by the Wandering Totalers with $4,519, and the Elder Birds with $4,491.

Even if you can't participate in the Birdathon event, you can still donate to the cause. Click the link below to give today.


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