2016 Christmas Bird Counts

The Christmas Bird Count (CBC) is a program of the National Audubon Society which is now in its 117th year. This citizen science project is a bird census wherein thousands of volunteers from across the US, Canada, and many other countries in the Western Hemisphere, coordinate to systematically count the number of bird species seen, and the individual numbers of each species, within an specifically defined geographic area. Each count area is called a "Circle" and is headed by a count compiler or coordinator. Each circle is further divided into many smaller survey locations. The CBC provides an invaluable profile of bird population numbers, avian movements, and associated trends, such as climate pressures and the impact of land use policies on birds and other wildlife. We encourage volunteers to contribute to this critically important field work by joining a circle.

Volunteers who wish to participate in this project should contact a circle coordinator to register. Beginning birders should make contact as soon as possible so that they can be linked up with more experienced birders. The circles in San Diego and Imperial Counties are listed below. Join us! We think you will have fun while contributing to very valuable citizen science.

CBC Count Circles and Coordinator Information:

Saturday December 17, 2016
San Diego Circle
Compiler: Justyn Stahl

Sunday December 18, 2016
Anza-Borrego Circle
Compiler: Bob Theriault

Monday December 19, 2016
Lake Henshaw Circle
Compiler: Gretchen Cummings

Friday December 30, 2016
Oceanside Circle
Compilers: Tim Burr and Kirsten Winter

Saturday December 31, 2016
Escondido Circle
Compiler: Ken Weaver

Tuesday January 3, 2016
Rancho Santa Fe Circle
Compiler: Robert Patton

For information on other CBC circles in the region, check out http://www.natureali.org/cbcs.htm

Thanks for taking part!

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